With Your Business Plan Complete, It’s Time to Work on Your 2020 Life Plan

With Your Business Plan Complete, It’s Time to Work on Your 2020 Life Plan photo
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I’ve got a big question for you with lots of possible interpretations:

Where are you going in 2020?

Last week’s blog hammered home the importance of completing your 2020 business plan, which dictates where you’ll take your business in the next 12 months. (If you missed it and haven’t completed yours, read it now!)

Today I want to continue on a similar theme… but focusing more outside of work and on your quality of life in 2020.

So literally… Where are you going in 2020?

Let’s talk about it.

How to Make This Year Better Than Any Other

Making 2020 your #BestYearEver requires more than an all-time high GCI or serving more people than ever before.

It’s about creating the quality of life you desire and deserve… in addition to kicking ass in your business.

To me, that means two things:

Enjoying the fruits of your labor.

And growing as a person so you become better than you are today.

Achieving those two objectives in 2020 requires action RIGHT NOW.

Plan for a Balanced Life

See if this scenario sounds plausible (perhaps scarily so!)…

Of course, the ideal is to have a great year both personally and professionally.

So to start the year, you put your blinders on and really dig in to gain some momentum…

You’re doing the work, and as a result, you get crazy busy – and suddenly it seems impossible to take any time off.

So you don’t. You keep working your tail off. Maybe you sneak away for a day or two instead of taking a real vacation.

Before you know it, summer is here and it flies by as you continue helping people. By the time you come up for air, you realize the kids are headed back to school and it’s not a good time to get away.

Your life is out of balance… all because you didn’t plan accordingly.

Let’s fix this.

Get Out Your Calendar

Just like you built your business plan, I want you to build your life plan to make 2020 your #BYE.

Here’s how… Get out your calendar and start making commitments:

  • Schedule and book at least one big vacation and a few smaller getaways throughout the year. You NEED these for your mental health. And buying the tickets and making the plans will hold you accountable to getting everything in place so you can take the time off.
  • Research and make your travel plans for the training events you’ll attend in 2020 to keep you learning and growing. You should attend an event at least once per quarter to keep you fresh, recharge your batteries, and learn new strategies to implement. If you don’t do this, you will fall behind the competition.
  • Determine how much time you want off around certain holidays and block it off.
  • Block out at least one day every week to ensure you don’t end up working 7 days a week. Make plans for those days ASAP so you don’t end up working anyway.
  • And while you’re at it, get selfish and reserve some additional “me” time that you can use to clear your mind, read, meditate, brainstorm, conduct quarterly reviews of your progress on your business plan, etc.


More Planning = Greater Efficiency

There are several big benefits to making these plans…

…They give you something to look forward to and work toward. This will help keep you motivated and prevent burnout.

…They bring added urgency to be more efficient in your work. When you block out all that time on your calendar, you no longer have the luxury of time to get things done. Believe me… you’ll become extremely productive right before each of your planned vacations.

…They provide an added layer of accountability in the form of personal commitments to your family or travel companions as well as financial investments in your vacation expenses, etc.
So that’s your assignment. Not too hard, is it? Actually, it should be fun. Maybe it’s something you want to do with your significant other, your family and loved ones, or your good friends.
Here’s what I’d like you to do after you’ve blocked out all the time on your calendar and made your plans: Text me at 949-216-5466 and tell me you finished and where you’re going in 2020. I can’t wait to get that text!

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