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Jorge Gonzalez
Seville Properties
Los Angeles, CA

My partner and I closed 29 transactions for $10,595,000 and GCI of $282,365. There is no way we could have hit that $10M mark without coaching. We feel like we now have a better vision of the future, an exit plan, and the ability to create wealth.
Christophe Choo
Coldwell Banker
Beverly Hills, CA
I got involved in real estate in 1990. Since then, I’ve been a luxury real estate broker in Beverly Hills for over 23 years. Tom Ferry is one of the smartest men I know. For me there is NO ONE in the real estate coaching industry that can provide the most current and effective methods to market yourself and sell real estate in today’s world. The one big thing that I’ve accomplished through coaching with Tom Ferry is maintaining an amazing quality of life.
Becky Garcia
Essential Properties, Inc.
Goodyear, AZ
I was ready to grow a sales team. My Tom Ferry coach gave me the roadmap to build a profitable team in a short amount of time. Before I joined Tom Ferry, I was closing 75 deals per year, on average, at $10 million in volume and a GCI of $250K, but I was working 24/7 and had NO life outside of work. Now, with the help of my coach, last year as a team we closed 189 transactions with almost $35 million in volume and just under $1 million in GCI and the work life balance I needed!
Tim Smith
Tim Smith Group Coldwell Banker
Newport Beach, CA
Through the coaching program I’ve been able to create the business & life I never dreamed possible. Last year, the Smith Group closed over $326M in sales.
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Josh Kepkay
Macdonald Realty
Vancouver, Canada
Coaching helped me create specific and realistic goals and my coach definitely keeps me accountable and on track. The Tom Ferry community is truly amazing and incredibly helpful with new ideas or answers to challenges I face. I tripled my GCI since I’ve started coaching with Tom Ferry.
Anne Schreiber
Schreiber Team
San Diego, CA
I was scared to sign up for coaching because of the time and financial commitment. The investment has been beyond worth it. In my first year of coaching I learned how to grow my business from 15 to 36 deals a year.
Melissa Menard
Los Angeles, CA
Coaching has allowed me to keep my motivation, amp up my enthusiasm, and give me a game plan. That game plan has been what has helped me to double my business every year that I’ve been in coaching
Jocelyn Russo
Coldwell Banker
Montclair, NJ
The BEST thing I’ve done for my real estate career was joining coaching! My goals are BIG and coaching has helped me with the mindset, systems, and tools to achieve them! I’m the CEO of my own business and the #1 Top Producing Team in my office.
Ryan Elliott
Royal LePage Atlantic Homestead
St. Johns, Canada
Once I committed to coaching, my coach and I created a structure for my success. We created goals and started tracking everything. Once the accountability really kicked in, I started to see an increase in my sales, and I tripled my sales in my first year coaching with Tom Ferry.
Amber Welch
eXp Realty
San Diego, CA
Having an individual coach who partners with me on my actual business makes me be a force to be reckoned with. All the goal planning, goal setting, and holding me accountable is crucial to my business and to the success I have today. My coach, through Tom Ferry, kept me grounded, focused, and accountable.
Candee Deichman
Century 21
Los Angeles, CA
My coach really helps me stay focused. I have lots of thoughts of what I want to do with my business, but he helps me keep my thoughts and process focused on the big picture and my business plan. I am much more structured, and I love following a calendar and how I have better work/life balance.
Jon David Lenard
Lenard Team
Long Island, NY
Tom Ferry and his coaches are dedicated to making sure that you achieve the goals and dreams that you always knew you could but didn’t have the resources, the time, or ability to get there on your own. You’re going to be tapping into a huge network of knowledge and experience that is staying ahead of the curve as the industry changes and ahead of your competition.
Matt Barré
Keller Williams
Tucson, AZ
I joined Tom Ferry coaching before I was even licensed. I know the key to success is to be coached and held accountable, and Tom and the Ecosystem have certainly done that. I went from 13 transactions, with a GCI of $79,600 to being on track to complete 50 transactions in my 3rd full year, and having already closed $216,000 GCI.
Debbie Meighan
Washington Fine Properties
Leesburg, VA
My coach is really invested in me and my success. She’s happy for me when I have my wins and she’s definitely there for me when I have disappointments. I knew my coach was going to hold me accountable, but I had no idea how much she would care about me and my business and how amazing a relationship we would have.

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Private: Oriana Shea
Keller Williams
My mindset has completely changed and I’ve reached a level that I NEVER thought possible.
Private: Glennda Baker LeBlanc
Glennda Baker & Associates
Coaching changed my life. From 38 homes sold to 68!
Private: Mark Caspersen
Caspersen Group, Coldwell Banker
Game changer: I continue to grow my business at amazing rates.
Private: Barb Gregg
Tom Ferry rocks! $45K to $200K in my first year of coaching.
Private: Maria Xanthakis
Star Real Estate
Thank you for helping me become the #1 agent at Star Real Estate!
Private: Lisa Tang
Coldwell Banker
Tom Ferry changed my world … I’m now confident and a go-getter!
Private: Christina Griffin
Coldwell Banker
506 units and over $61 million in volume in year ONE as a team.
Private: Brent and Brenda Kastanowski
Realty One Group
Tremendous impact … first year in coaching we closed 38 transactions!
Private: Cindy Kelly
Windermere Real Estate
I’ve got BIG goals and this is the program that is helping me achieve them.
Private: Scott Davis
66% increase in GCI in less than a year … plus I’m LESS STRESSED.
Private: Pam Cole
Legacy Real Estate & Associates
My business has grown from 19 sales & $153,953 GCI to 27 sales and $311,084 GCI.
Private: Tim Smith
Coldwell Banker International Previews
Today we are the #1 team in Orange County for Coldwell Banker.
Private: Keri White
The Agency
Coaching was the absolute best decision I made for my career.
Private: Amber Perry
The Property Group
I am forever grateful. I’ve surpassed ALL of my goals.
Private: Pam Mallin-Marquette
Coldwell Banker
From personal issues (and ZERO listings) to rocking my business!
Private: Randy Baruh
Corcoran Group
My coach advised me on making cold calls … and I scored a $25 MILLION deal.
Private: Rob Depaoli
Vista Sotheby’s International Realty
On pace for over $400K GCI this year… at age 27!
Private: Victor Perrin & Kay Lee
Reliance Real Estate Services
From 10 yearly transactions to 30 and counting … anything is possible.
Private: Rada Ann Labé
Sea Coast Exclusive Properties
After starting over in a brand new area, I joined coaching and increased by business by 1,379%!
Private: Jim & Ginger Proffitt
Realty One Group
We now have 5 team members and $324,014 GCI!

Testimonials from Real Agents who Produce Real Results!

As a real estate agent looking for a coach, finding one you can trust is essential. At Tom Ferry, we have real client success stories that show how we’ve helped a wide range of real estate agents reach their goals.

Below, you’ll find Tom Ferry coaching reviews that speak for themselves. From smaller realtors like Anne Schreiber in San Diego who “grew their business from 15 to 36 deals a year” to larger firms like Tim Smith from the Tim Smith Group who “closed over $326 million in sales,” these are just some of the Tom Ferry coaching program reviews that show how our services have helped. Looking at client testimonials is a great way to see real-world examples of how our services have helped.

As you scroll through the Tom Ferry reviews below, you’ll notice feedback from a wide range of realtors that highlight how real estate coaching services have helped them grow. At Tom Ferry, we pride ourselves on helping our clients realize their full potential, allowing them to gain the confidence they need to close more deals and achieve their goals.

Why is reading client testimonials important?

If you’re a new or veteran real estate agent who feels as if you’ve plateaued in your career or need help reaching your goals, a real estate coach can provide the resources, knowledge, and motivation you need to get to the next level. However, not every coach is the same. Some might have different tools, resources, and experiences at their disposal. By reading coaching client testimonials, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of the services provided by the company you’re looking at.

When sifting through the Tom Ferry coaching program reviews, you’ll get a real sense of the services and knowledge our team of coaches provide to our clients. The last thing you want is to work with a coach who doesn’t see eye-to-eye on the goals you want to achieve. Our Tom Ferry coach reviews speak for themselves, as you’ll see client after client sharing their success stories when working with us.

You deserve a coach you can trust.

Working with a coach requires a lot of time and resources — making the right decision is a crucial step. By reading client testimonials, you’ll be able to see the experiences others had to gauge if a coach might be right for you. Tom Ferry coaching reviews are authentic, showing the reliability of our coaches and the experiences of our clients.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge base, apply new tactics to your practice, and grow your real estate business? Working with a Tom Ferry real estate coach is the perfect first step. Our coaches provide a rigorous curriculum and ongoing accountability training sessions to help you improve various areas of your business, such as lead generation, marketing, and client retention. We also offer real estate agent tools that you can use to expand your knowledge base.

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