One of the benefits to being a real estate agent is the freedom that this business gives you.
There’s no time clock to punch or strict hours to abide by. You have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you choose.
THIS, however, can also be a recipe for disaster.
Sleeping ‘til 10am, a long lunch until 2 in the afternoon, then scrolling through Facebook until 5pm … before you know it, an entire day has slipped through the cracks and you have nothing to show for it. Can you relate?
You’ve heard me say it before, “Routine is the sign of an ambitious individual.”
Routine is what separates the average agent from the top producer.
I get asked constantly about what the most important skills are in order to reach success, and to that, I always say, the ability to PLAN and EXECUTE.
That’s why today, I’m sharing the hour-by-hour plan for your perfect day.
It’s up to YOU to execute. 🙂

Real estate is a business that is built and maintained by your own practices and work ethic. If you don’t spend time prospecting and developing your database of leads, you won’t have the business to help carry you through the years.

There is no such thing as a static real estate agent schedule, and the tasks you perform might change according to your family, business, and personal needs. Successful real estate agents use a daily schedule and time blocking to ensure their business is successful and stays on task.

5 Rules For Creating Your Perfect Day

RULE #1: Always start with the personal and professional end results

The goal here is to start at the end, and work backwards.
Ask yourself, “What are my real estate goals?”
Then SCHEDULE the time to produce the results.

Some of the ways you might answer this question include:

  • “I want to make X amount of money to be able to do this full time.” In this case, your end financial goal determines the number of houses that you need to sell when you consider the average home in the market you’ve selected.
  • “I want to have the freedom of schedule to spend more time with my friends and family.” In this case, you have to consider the money you might be potentially leaving on the table, then restrict your real estate agent work hours.
  • “I want to build my business by working with X amount of clients” In this case, you should consider what level of prospecting will be needed to meet that level. As you spend more time in the business, you will be able to calculate how many leads you need and gauge where they are in order to make sure your business doesn’t go through any lulls in business.

RULE #2: Do the important stuff first!

These are the things that are really going to move the needle in your business.
So when you’re looking at your day, schedule them for the AM, and when you’re scheduling for the week, plan them for Monday or Tuesday.

There is a stark difference between things you want to do and things you need to do. Oftentimes, new real estate agents will sacrifice their time prospecting to meet with clients and focus on warm relationships that can easily convert into commission. The danger of this is that business is built off of ongoing relationships. You don’t want to risk losing out on a person who’s ready to sell their home because you didn’t communicate often enough with them.

A real estate agent’s daily schedule should take prospecting into consideration and help you stay on task for the things you don’t necessarily want to do, but need to do in order to build a healthy business.

RULE #3:  Avoid energy-sucking vampires

There are always going to be people or things that distract you.
The key here is to block out your schedule so that there’s no room for those energy-sucking vampires!

Some situations you might see arise as a result of this mentality, include:

  • People who are looking for properties and can never seem to find that ‘perfect’ house that checks off every single box they want. Have them drive by properties themselves. Look for the key things they’re looking for and ask them to identify their top properties rather than everything they can find online.
  • Watch out for people in your direct sphere who think that real estate agents’ schedules are completely flexible. Oftentimes, this works to undervalue your time because, in their mind, you’re not working and could do what you need to another time. It is really easy for family and friends to fall into this mindset.

Only by keeping to time blocking and regular scheduling can you ensure that your business grows in accordance with your real estate business plan that you crafted when you came into the business.

RULE #4: Do everything in blocks of time!

Instead of trying to multi-task on a million different things, schedule out your day in blocks.

Making blocks allows your real estate agent hours to easily be scheduled if need be, while also keeping you on task or specific activities like listing meetings or prospecting. Blocks of time allow you to effectively organize your day and understand what you should be doing, or where you should be, at any specific point in time.

RULE #5: Put it in your schedule

It’s simple if it’s not in your schedule, it doesn’t exist.

A real estate agent’s daily schedule keeps them honest and ready for anything that arises in their day-to-day activities. While some things, like a closing, showing or listing appointment will always command time — a schedule allows you to move things around to make that happen.

For a successful real estate agent’s daily schedule, there is no such thing as ‘free’ or ‘unaccounted’ time. Everything has a dedicated space in their schedule that ensures they are staying on task.