By Jeff Mays

Growing up, my dad Mike Mays was a high school & college basketball coach.
He’d always make bets with me… little mini-competitions.
“I bet you can’t make that shot.”
“I bet you can’t hit three in a row.”
“See how many shots it takes to make one from half court.”
“I bet you can’t make 10 consecutive free throws.”
Good lessons now that I think about it.

Tackling a New Challenge

So… the other day I saw a high school athlete jump the two high boxes at the gym.
I thought to myself… “Whoa, no way. I could barely do 36 inches last week. 42 is out of reach.”
But the next morning I figured I’d give it a shot.
After all, no one was around. Let’s see how I measure up.
What happened? Fail, fail, fail. THIRTEEN fails in row.
Each time, I saw myself hitting the wall in front, cracking my nose, breaking glass. Total disaster. I saw the worst case in my head. Why do we do that to ourselves?