Here’s Where the Human Behavior Lesson Comes In

Talking to people afterward, the group was clearly split into three distinct types of people:

  • About one-third were doubtful, negative and maintained a fixed mindset. They dismissed Gary’s advice.
  • Another one-third of the group were super excited by what Gary advised… but they never acted on it.
  • The other one-third took action and bought the stock.

At the time, a single share of Netflix was about $350. It went on to split seven ways and each of those shares is now worth nearly $350 again. So basically, 7X ROI.
But the money isn’t my point here.
Stock tips aren’t my point either.
My point is that there are those who take action and those who don’t.
This anecdote just happens to perfectly illustrate that those who take action often get richly rewarded.