I know you.
I know there are aspects of your business that you feel you do better than anyone else.
It’s not about a superiority complex or an overinflated ego, but simple pride…
You believe so deep in your heart, “Nobody else cares enough to do this as well as I do.”
I understand how you feel.
But guess what?
It doesn’t matter.
You’re wasting your time.

What’s Your HBUT?

Real estate is a business that will pull you in a million different directions if you let it.
The key to being successful is identifying where your skills make the biggest impact on your bottom line.
That’s what is known as your “highest and best use of time.”
Or, as we affectionately call it, HBUT.
Becoming aware of your HBUT and operating accordingly will revolutionize your business.
Your HBUT likely revolves around dollar-productive activities:

  • Going on listing appointments
  • Going on showings
  • Working your database to set appointments

“But Tom, there are so many other things involved in running my business!”
I know.
But are they your HBUT?