Here at TF HQ, we’re closing in on Summit and it’s a very exciting time of year.
But it’s also a very important time of year for anyone working toward an annual goal.
Like YOU.
That’s exactly why I’m checking in with a quick wake-up call

7 Months Down… How Many to Go?

August 1 is almost here.
That means seven months of 2018 are over, and five months remain.
And the question becomes… Are you on track for your goals?
And the next question becomes…
Are you sure?
Because here’s the catch:
Any deal you initiate past the middle of November isn’t likely to close until 2019.
Plus, we all know things slow down around the holidays.
So let me ask you again:
If you only have three and a half months left instead of five, are you really on track for your goals?

Here’s How to Find Out

Determine your GCI so far in 2018 and add in any pending commissions. Then divide that number by seven.
That’s what you’re averaging per month. Will three and a half more months of that number get you to your 2018 goal?
If not, it’s time to re-group and ramp up your activity.
What are three actions you’re going to take to achieve your goals?