The last 12 months have been quite a ride!
Low mortgage rates and rising consumer confidence are building positive momentum among home buyers…
…While disruptors and iBuyers are still trying to find new ways to steal market share away from YOU.
We’ve drilled down on these topics and many more throughout this year’s blogs, and today we’re taking another look at some of those that resonated most with you, the reader.
For this last installment of 2019, I’m happy to present to you The Top 10 Blogs of 2019.
Let’s dive in!

No. 10: 15 Winning Ways to Bounce Back After a Setback


Top agents from within our ecosystem share their best “pick me uppers” (not pick-up lines) to get back into the swing of things! You might want to bookmark this one and use it on your next tough day.

No. 9: 8 Great “New Agent” Tips for Starting a Career in Real Estate


If you’re in your first year or two in the business, you should probably be re-reading this blog at least once a month. It also includes links to four “must see” videos you should watch. Check it out!

No. 8: Conversion Made Easier: 3 Reasons to Overcome Your Aversion to Scripts


Mastering your scripts and objection handlers is a huge step in building your confidence when it comes to prospecting. If you’ve ever felt like scripts aren’t for you, it’s time to re-think your position.

No. 7: The Monumental Journey of Jamie Mell


When Jamie jumped from management to ownership, she quickly found herself overwhelmed. But some quick thinking and powerful actions led to an amazing turnaround – and an even more promising future.

No. 6: The Powerful Doorknocking Script that Turns Open Houses into Additional Listing Opportunities


If you’re not using these four simple steps to transform your ordinary Open House into a chance to meet and impress the neighbors, you’re missing out. Start today!

No. 5: You Need to See This: My Top 10 Videos of 2018


A top 10 within a top 10… what is this, Inception? Anyway, don’t miss out on the relevant tips and inspiration to be found in these videos.

No. 4: 9 Incredible SuperAgents Weigh In on What’s Working Now


When some of the best agents in the business want to share their best “right now” tip with you, you should probably pay attention. No wonder this blog was so popular! Did you see it yet?

No. 3: 7 Hot Tips to Capitalize on Expireds Now


My very first blog of 2019 proved to be a good one… Be sure to follow these seven fundamentals to transform Expireds from a dreaded afterthought to one of your most powerful pillars of lead conversion.

No. 2: The Definitive Listing Presentation Primer for 2019


If you’re still using a stale, old listing presentation that hasn’t changed in decades, it’s time to bring your business into the future. Step-by-step instructions, tips, scripts, objection handlers, marketing pieces and more can be found in this comprehensive blog!

And the most popular blog of 2019 was…

No. 1: 25 Killer Apps You Should Be Using Now… As Recommended By Top-Producing Agents


Everyone wants to be more efficient, and when technology can do things for you is even better. During a private, invitation-only mastermind session in our offices, I asked for the best apps agents are using today to simplify not only their business, but also their life. These were their answers.

I hope you found some inspiration in this year’s blogs. Let me know what topics you’d like me to cover in 2020 in the comments below!

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