Why Most Agents Suffer – #TomFerryShow

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Many agents are suffering right now, but they don’t have to be…

They are suffering from a problem that they can solve, and it is actually a fairly simple solution.

The problem?

Agents who suffer don’t know which questions to ask!

They don’t know WHAT to say to win business…

An Important Study

Have you heard of Dr. Albert Mehrabian the psychology professor at UCLA?

He did some very impressive work on how we communicate with others.

He breaks down the messages we send in the following percentages:

7%: Words

Your words only play a small role in this process.

38% Tonality

The words can be the same, but the tonality is what shapes the message.

55%: Body Language

When you align your physiology with your words and your tone you are communicating a powerful message to your customers.

You can even use your physical body to help change your tonality when you are on the phone!

For example if you have a tendency to end your sentences with an upward tone, driving your hand downward in a chopping motion will help you bring the tone back down so you sound more confident.

That downswing in tonality creates trust and authority.

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1. Memorize the Words

Get a script and make sure you KNOW it.

Our brains can really only focus on one thing at a time, so make sure you know the words so that you can focus on communicating and listening to your clients.

2. Practice Tonality and Pace

Sales is the ability to ask a series of questions that naturally and automatically lead you and the prospect to mutually desired end result.

The way you ask those questions absolutely matters!

You can even use your tonality to create doubt or certainty depending on the context.

3. Role Play with Peers

Follow the script.

Add more tonality and body language (practice the amplified version so that you can easily turn down when meeting with a customer).

4. Frequency = MRAS

You should be spending 20+ days per month marketing, role playing, and appointment setting!

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