What You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

Know Your Audience

There are over 1.7 billion people using Facebook right now!
That’s a good thing, but do you know how many people are in the zip codes you serve?
That’s probably something you should research!

Price Increase On The Way

Advertising is very affordable right now, but you can plan on a huge increase (5x – 25x) in the next 24 months!
B-C Markets (e.g. Modesto, Tempe, etc.) are killing it right now.
Leads from these markets cost less, convert at higher rates, and are easier to convert.
A Markets (San Francisco, San Jose, etc.) require more creativity.
The world is already marketing like crazy trying to capture this audience.

Fundamentals of Facebook Seller Lead Conversions

Speed to Lead

You / Team / OSA / Text / BombBomb
When clients fill out forms you can use services like Intellius, Fetch, others to help fill in the gaps on data.
You want to get to your customers quick when their modality is most interested in speaking with you!
Five minutes is ideal, but if you can get your leads in two minutes chances are they are still looking on their phones!