Your Ideal Number

Start with your transaction goal…

For example, let’s say you want to sell 36 homes.
Now comes the important part of marketing, tracking and measuring.
This means you need to be data dependent not dependent on your emotions.

To get to those 36 transactions times it by 50…

That means you’ll need to have roughly 1800 total conversations to achieve your goal.

You’ll then divide that number by 10 months.

I know what you’re probably thinking, and yes there are 12 months in a year not 10!
Let’s be realistic, and take into account slow months, the holidays, vacations, etc.
You’re already having conversations about the market in your day to day life…
The shift comes through that “routine” (like we talked about in the last episode), which allows you to win and remove that doubt.

Next, divide by 22 days.

Like the same calculation we did for months, we are taking into account off days, and only dividing by 22.
This leaves you with a total of about 8 conversations per day.