Here are three areas you need to have aligned to make that happen.

Life Ambitions

This is your passions and goals plus your time management.

1. What makes your heart sing?

Examples: passions, hobbies, purpose
These are the personal ambitions that fuel you to do the disciplined things in your business.
By the way, you need to do more than just work…
Hobbies are a great thing, and they help provide balance from making your whole life about work.

2. Schedule 2017

Don’t put off your passion and purpose just to do more work!
Make sure you are adding those things to your schedule…
Because if they aren’t in your schedule they won’t get done.

Business Plan

1. What is the purpose of your business?

We exist because we know the consumers are underserved by the vast majority of real estate professionals.
It is easier to do the work when it touches not just your head or your wallet, but when it touches your heart.

2. What is the theme of your 2017?

For example, I know an agent who uses the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing.”
By giving yourself a word or phrase you can emotionally attach yourself to gives you a boost and it is like putting on that superhero cape!

3. When are you going to complete your business plan?

This is your numbers, actions, and KPI’s for your business.
See the example of the business plan below.