Close the Open Loops and Take Massive Action – #TomFerryShow

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In my book, Life! By Design, I talk about the amazing potential you have for growth!

The life, dreams, and desires you are striving for are available to you!

Here’s the problem…

Your head is a scary place to be!

When most people are faced with a choice to take action, their subconscious kicks into overdrive…

So for example, if I asked you to call five expired listings you might think of all the awful things that could go wrong.

What if they yell at you, or hang up and then you start visualizing a whole list of awful things happening ending with you not being able to work and feed your family!

Is that the reality?

Of course not!

Here are some things you can do to break that pattern of thinking and be in the right frame of mind.

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2 Questions To Consider

1. What am I holding onto that if I let go I’d be free to create, grow, or have fun?

Every single one of us is holding on to a story that we think is true.

How many of those open loops are still around in your life?

2. What “incompletes” are causing you to drag?

These are things that create uncertainty…

It could be new marketing strategies, your database, prospecting, or anything else that causes uncertainty.

So when people are faced with these doubts and inconsistencies they start to hide…

They chase distractions and focus on things that aren’t the highest and best use of their time.

When you have all the weight of those inconsistencies on your shoulders you can see how it would prevent you from taking action.

Are you coachable?

What would happen if you closed those loops?

You could finally take that massive action and find the transformation and growth you have been seeking.

With some accountability and a plan in place, closing the loops is easier than you might think…

Take action

So between now and the end of the year…

What are the 3-5 areas where you are incomplete?

Are you willing to do the work?

I believe in you and I know  what you are capable of.

It’s time to take action and close the loop.



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