3 Questions to Attract More Listings – #TomFerryShow

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Whenever I have a discussion with someone in the industry, whether it’s a top agent or business leader, we all come to the same conclusion…

There is such a HUGE opportunity in this market to be listing as many properties as you can (yup, even in the high end … and I’ve got a special bonus question just for you!).

But here’s the thing when it comes to scoring more listings – WHAT YOU SAY MATTERS.

In this week’s #TomFerryShow, we’re talking about the killer questions you should be asking to attract more listing opportunities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the coffee shop, a cocktail party, or simply calling an expired listing, these are the questions that you’ll want to ask EVERYONE you get in contact with!

3 Questions to Attract More Listings

Question #1: Have you had any thoughts of selling?

Make sure to ask this while reinforcing the answer with your body language!

Then … just sit. And listen.

Because here’s the thing – everyone has thought about selling. But it all comes down to TIMING.

Bonus Question: Are you currently living in your dream home?

Question #2: Do you know anyone who’s thinking about selling?

There’s referral opportunities everywhere!

This question is a great mind jogger for your contacts.

Question #3: At what price would you become a seller?

With the inventory of homes for sale LOW and buyer demand HIGH, this is a great question for anyone who owns a home.

And here’s the thing … nearly everyone has a “number” in mind.

The key is to inquire and serve your clients accordingly.

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3 Next Steps

#1: Plan

Write out these questions.

#2: Take Action

Make a promise to yourself that you will reach out to every person in your database.

When you make contact, follow-up with these crucial questions.

#3: Level Up

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