Think about it this way…

You might have a small amount of leads at the moment, but it seems like shortly thereafter you are flooded with a bunch of leads!
So you get a large amount of leads, and find the one or two that you like.
You focus on those easy leads, but you are missing out on a ton of upside potential!

3 Reasons Why Agents Leave Money On The Table

1. No “long term” follow up campaign

Think about a funnel of those 8-12 conversations you could be having with the leads

Email campaigns, BombBomb videos, CRM

If you want to be an anomaly in this business you have to act like one!

2. Lack of awareness

Remember 68% of leads are converted after 8-12 conversations

Most salespeople don’t realize how many conversations are required to close a lead

Don’t fall into that trap!

3. Don’t settle for “layups” when “blow outs” are possible.

We talked about this on last week’s episode, but don’t settle for something small!

The big win is totally available to you, but you have to have the mindset to go after it!