It’s easy to be complacent and under perform your potential.

It’s easy because this is what everybody does.
You have to be committed to Live, Work, and Play at your best.
So many times we set our standards lower to appease the people around us.
When you start finding success, cynical comments usually follow.
When you land that big listing, most people don’t congratulate your hard work.
They think maybe you found some shortcut or did something underhanded to get it.
Look at the realities of the world we live in…
Most people don’t act at a Level 10 because they fear how everyone else will react around them.
When you disrupt the status quo by being a 10 it affects the people around you.
I’m issuing a challenge:
Are you willing to be a level 10 in all areas of your life with no apologies?

3 Steps To Be A Level 10

1. Stop giving your power away.

Stop apologizing for having goals and dreams.

Stop caring what everyone else thinks about your ambitions and desires to serve others and your family.

2. Be on your path; everyone else is on theirs.

You have to get rid of the mindset that if everyone else isn’t operating at a 10, “they are wrong, and you are right.”

You simply say “I choose to operate up here, I love and respect wherever you choose to operate.

No judgment; simply love them for who they are.

3. Put on your cape. #SuperYou

Think about putting on that superhero cape!

How would the superhero version of you act?

What time would super you get up in the morning?

How aggressive is super you in sales presentations?

Accept that you are winner, and that you were born to do something special.

You are meant to do something great!