Fearless Objection Handling – #TomFerryShow

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As you are probably well aware, the failure rate for real estate agents is 87%.

The reason for this failure?

Lack of sales training and fear!

Most people are afraid to handle sales objections and make the close, so they simply don’t.

When you know how to answer objections they work to your advantage.

Each objection will get you one step closer to the sale.

Remember that objections mean customers want to do business with you; they just have questions they want answered.

6 Steps to Overcoming Objections

1. Get in the right state

Your face and your physiology affect your mental state.

2. Start with agreement

The language you use is important…

Say things like “I can appreciate that…” or “I hear you…”

Create the connection such as “you and I are on the same page…”

3. Transition

And vs. But(t)

The word “but” negates whatever comes before it.

Always transition with the word “and.”

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4. Pattern

Say things like “Has there ever been a time when…”

Have a customer think back to a time in their life that is similar to what you are asking them to do now and it didn’t work out.

Sample Pattern Script

“I can appreciate that…  and…

Has there ever been a time when (something similar) and it didn’t work?

This time is exactly like that, can I explain (example).

So, are we on the same page?

Then let’s move forward and sign the offer.”

5. Agreement

Say things like: “Are we on the same page?” or  “Can we move forward?”

6. Close

Now it’s time to make “the ask” and go for the close!

Your Next Steps

1. Download the free resources I mentioned in the video.

2. List out the 3-5 objections you are faced with the most, and write up the responding patterns.

3. Read and memorize those patterns.

4. WIN!

Are you ready to overcome your fears and build your confidence?

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