The 3 Big Problems Facing Agents Today

Both new and veterans agents are struggling to getting noticed and struggling to generate customers, because:
1) Too Many Agents
2) Too Much Noise
3) The Stream Economy
It’s no surprise when there’s $12,000,000,000 (billion!) being spent annually marketing real estate.
And you’re concerned with sending one mailer or a digital ad spend of $300 a month.
It’s easy to see why you feel like you’re not getting your share or you might be feeling irrelevant in the market.

To get your fair share of the attention, leads and closings it makes sense to think of your marketing activities in line with how consumers shop.

KNOW: You don’t work with people that you don’t know; get to know your client; they are never going to do business with you unless they know you; what is your story and what is your unique selling proposition
LIKE: create trust between client and agent
TRUST: They must trust you to try you or buy you and repeat business with you and then eventually refer you
Use this 4 step framework for to increase the profitability of your marketing campaigns.