“All business is marketing and innovation.” – Peter Drucker

The biggest mistake I see right now is that agents are not feeding their sales funnel enough.
They have a few lead generation systems but not enough so their business is always in feast or famine mode.
The goal of every business is to feed the funnel as much as possible with new, fresh leads.
And to do that you need to always stay on top of your lead generation systems.
So in the spirit of spring cleaning it’s out with old and in with the new!
But before you start bringing on new systems make sure you are taking advantage of your existing lead sources.

Get the Most out of Your Funnel

1. Feed the Funnel

  • Adopt new lead generation sources quarterly or annually
  • Measure your lead sources to see which are the best investments
  • Treat all leads the same, stop Judging opportunities and just serve the client

2. Respond to leads within 5 minutes 

  • 5 minutes is the time period where that person is still in the modality of wanting the information

3. Spend time to nurturing your leads

  • Lead generation is important but even more important is lead nurturing … providing helpful information for buyers and sellers and staying top of mind consistently until they are ready to make a decision
  • All the money is in conversion! So make sure you know what to say when you get a prospect on the phone

Aligning your behaviors with your commitments will maximize the opportunity in front of you and allow you to serve more clients.
You can’t do the same thing over and over with your lead generation and expect to serve more clients.
So what you need to do is take an account of which lead sources are providing the biggest return on investment.

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