Would you say that your listing presentations are stale and generic?
Do you walk into an appointment saying the exact same spiel as the three agents before you did?
It’s time to up your game, stand out from the competition and get the easy YES!

Tip #1: Know Your Customer

  • Research your customer before the appointment:
    • Check out their social sites (no, this isn’t considered stalking)
    • Look for commonalities that you can build rapport on
  • Pre-qualify your customers
    • Who are the decision makers?
    • What are their exact needs and desires?
    • When are they looking to make a decision?

Tip #2: Do Your Homework on the Market

  • Go beyond the comps!
    • Really know the features of each recent sale, know the neighborhood, the culture, the community – everything

Tip #3: Show up Mentally Prepared

  • Don’t be LATE! This disrespects the client and does the opposite of building rapport
  • Visualize speaking with your customer and your desired outcome for the meeting
  • Set your mindset to knowing that you are the obvious YES
    • Don’t be over-confident – move and speak with elegance surrounded by trust
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