The Training Plan for Building Strong Sales Skills

As a coaching and training organization we suggest practicing on your own and with role play partners, instead of on your clients and database which gets expensive fast.
Here’s the 5 step plan to improve your sales skills in less than 30 days.

1. Pick one script to master at a time

  • Start with the most common objection or scenario that you receive most and want to master

2. Spend 10-15 min a day reading the script out loud

  • Communication has 3 components; 7% is the words you say, 38% is your tonality and 55% is your body language
  • Stand in front of a mirror or video record yourself
  • See what the client is seeing and hearing

3. Find a few role playing partners

  • This is a great way to build confidence
  • Have more than one so you are able to practice interaction with different personalities and different objections
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