My guest on today’s #TomFerryShow grew up in the YouTube era. Iris Chen watched videos about topics she liked in her youth and eventually began creating them herself, which led to an opportunity to become Gary Vaynerchuk’s videographer.
She’s since gone on to create Iris Rose & Co., a company geared toward helping entrepreneurs build their brands online.
My interview with her begged the question: Are you adapting enough to the millennial mindset to run your business or are you stuck in a rut of traditional, tried-and-true methodologies?
Here are three takeaways I think we can all learn from Iris:

Takeaway No. 1: YouTube is a Brand-Building Platform

Iris grew up watching her favorite YouTubers pave the way for building a brand and a business simply through content creation. She has since gone on to do the same exact thing.
Channeling your passions into videos and putting those videos out on YouTube is a viable path toward becoming a go-to resource in your marketplace.
So here’s the question for you: Are you doing enough video?
It’s an extremely powerful way to become an authority at a very low cost, and there are virtually no barriers to entry.
Let’s put it this way… What happens to you if you’re not creating video content and someone like Iris gets her license and starts targeting the same area you work? Even if she doesn’t have as much experience in the industry, she’s going to get noticed through her videos… and her phone will ring as a result.