Answering 3 Important Questions from the Next Generation – #TomFerryShow

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I’m always encouraged when I see fresh faces in the crowd at our events.

Over the last few years, I’ve met a lot of bright, super-ambitious, driven young people who have made real estate their chosen profession.

It’s exciting to think of the innovations this “next generation” of agents will bring to our industry.

It’d be unfair to expect a revolution from them immediately, though…

…they have to start somewhere.

So on this #TomFerryShow, I’m answering three important questions posed to me by young upstarts trying to find their way and grow their presence.

While my answers are geared toward these young professionals, I think you’ll find they’re equally useful for anyone with an open mind and a willingness to grow.

So let’s get started…


Question 1: What’s Your Suggestion for a 19-Year-Old with No Money?

First of all, let me say I know this feeling. At 18, I was in the same boat and had the same question.

The good news is that young entrepreneurs have many more options to make money today… eBay businesses, rideshare drivers (at 21) and more can keep you afloat with flexible hours while you pursue your passion.

Assuming you’re pursuing a real estate career, my advice is to seek a position as an appointment setter or ISA to get your feet wet in the industry. That way, you’re learning the ropes and making money in the process.

Beyond that tactical advice, let me share some philosophical advice given to me by one of my mentors, Bill Mitchell.

When I was much younger, I told him I wanted to make a lot of money and asked him what I should focus on to achieve that goal.

His answer was not at all what I expected…

“Don’t think about money until you’re above the age of 30,” he told me.

He went on to explain that I should be focusing on becoming the kind of person worthy of the income I desired. Improving myself. Learning my craft. Honing my skills.

So I now share that same advice with you…

Who do you need to become to be worthy of the money you want?

Remember Jim Rohn’s words of wisdom: Your income is in direct correlation to the value you deliver to the marketplace.


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Question 2: How Do I Get More Likes and Follows on Facebook & Instagram? I’m Trying to Change the World!

I’ve got 5 tips for you:

  1. First of all, find all the people you know, follow them and send them DMs to engage with them on various platforms.
  2. Always create interesting content.
  3. Deliver value with every post.
  4. Follow hashtag trends and use them wisely (test/explore hashtags like #followforfollow, etc.)
  5. Most important: ENGAGE with people, especially those you want to be friends with. When someone comments on your post, reply and engage them!


Question 3: What’s Your Advice for Millennials Who Haven’t Figured Out Their Life’s Purpose Yet?

I want to tell you the story about the first time I met with Mike Vance.

For reference, Mike was a genius who had worked with people like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch and Mother Teresa.

So one of the first questions I asked him was this: What did all those people have in common?

He told me they’d all answered the five fundamental questions and they live by them.

Uh, okay. Wow!

What do you think my next question was?

Yes, of course, it was “What are the five fundamental questions?”

What he told me sent me on a years-long journey to define my own true purpose.

I believe these questions can do the same for you. If you don’t have a good answer for one of them, keep asking yourself until you do. This isn’t a 10-minute exercise. It’s a path to find yourself, and it can take time. Don’t get discouraged.

Ready? Here we go…

  1. What is your purpose… What is the thing you want to do every day because it really matters to you?
  2. What are your God-given talents? Those things that are effortless for you and feel great to do them.
  3. What are your values? Identifying these is crucial because they will provide a filter through which you process everything. When you know your values, your priorities become clear and you can make decisions based on those values. This makes decision-making so much easier and ultimately, your life so much easier.
  4. Look 5, 10 or 20 years into the future… How is the world experiencing you?
  5. Who would you be if you were already there? Instead of following the “Do > Have > Be” model of living, adopt the “Be > Do > Have” approach instead.

Answering these questions again and again over the span of two-plus years eventually gave me a clear vision of my life’s purpose.


This was certainly different, but it was fun! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! What’s your biggest takeaway from this episode?



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