On Wednesday, August 8, Salesforce’s Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist Tiffani Bova will take the stage as one of two keynote speakers at this year’s Success Summit in Anaheim.
With that appearance still four weeks away, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of her wisdom into helping salespeople grow their businesses…
…So I invited her to be a guest on this #TomFerryShow!
And she delivered with some fantastic insights for anyone in sales.
To make sure you catch all those insights, I encourage you to watch the show. Here in the blog I’m highlighting several standout ideas she shared.

The Greatest Sales Force Possible

You know how it goes: When a trusted friend recommends something to you, it’s meaningful, right?
Tiffani couldn’t agree more.
“Your greatest advocate is your past customer,” she said. “You can’t pay for that type of marketing. No mailer is every going to beat word of mouth.”
That’s just one reason why providing an exceptional customer experience is essential to your success.
People having natural conversations about how much you impressed them will out-convert any sales script or marketing effort. So it’s up to you to create an amazing experience for every client.

How to Make Your Fee a No Brainer

Being known for providing a premium experience also translates into fewer battles over your commission.
As Tiffani pointed out with her Uber analogy, people are willing to spend a premium for a better experience.
You and what you deliver are part of that experience.”
Never forget that!