If you want an extraordinary second half of 2018, it’s time…
If your business isn’t where you want it, focusing on appointment setting is always a great cure.
I’ve got 4 steps to help you get out of the rut, set more appointments and absolutely crush the remainder of 2018.

First Things First: Defining “Appointment”

Before we get to the four steps, let’s discuss what qualifies as an appointment.
For the purposes of this exercise, here’s my definition:
An appointment is a meeting with someone that you like who can have a positive impact on your business.
That could mean…

  • An influential friend
  • Having coffee with a past client
  • Your loan officer
  • Your insurance broker
  • A listing opportunity
  • A buyer lead
  • A showing appointment

If you’re struggling, it’s important to remember that even a lousy appointment is better than sitting in your office.

Step 1: Set a 30-Day Goal

Create a 30-day appointment setting challenge for yourself by establishing a goal for how many appointments you can book within the next 30 days.
Follow these guidelines when coming up with your goal number:
It’s gotta be a stretch, something outside your typical comfort zone. But it also needs to be realistic and attainable. Find that balance and push yourself to do something great.
Also, make sure your target is a real number, not a vague generality like “I want to set a lot of appointments in the next month or so.” Get specific: “My goal is to set 32 appointments in the next 30 days.”