When a coaching member created a thread in our private Facebook Group asking what one question people would like to ask me, it seemed natural to turn my answers into a #TomFerryShow.
From personal inquiries to mindset to my vision for the future of the industry, these five questions run the gamut. Let’s go!

What Would You Have Done Differently Raising Your Boys?

Two answers immediately come to mind:

  1. I would have forced them to fail more. I think there’s a lot of magic in forcing failure to help people figure out who they are, and there’s no better time to fail than when you’re growing up.
  2. With the direction the world has gone, I wish I’d pushed my boys more into computer sciences. When you have that knowledge today, opportunity abounds.


How Do You Maintain Such a Positive Attitude?

I have bad days just like everyone does, but the difference for me is operating from habits and routines on a daily basis that keep my behaviors aligned with my goals. Here are three quick tips you can use when your head becomes a scary place to be:

  1. No one cares if you’re in a bad mood. Remember that how you feel on the inside radiates to people on the outside. If, like me, you’re personally committed to having a positive impact on the people you meet, you’ve got to muster up that energy and present at #Level10.
  2. Condition yourself. I devote an hour every day to improving myself. I constantly feed my mind with good stuff. The more positivity you pour into your cup, it will eventually replace all the negativity. Seek positive input always!
  3. Surround yourself with good people and avoid the Energy-Sucking Vampires. The more you push out positive energy, the more those energy suckers will shrivel and hide.