Play along with me here a bit…
YOU open the door to the office and approach RUBY, who is TOM FERRY’S executive assistant.
YOU: Hi, I’m ______________, and I’m here for my coaching session with Tom.
RUBY: Great, he’s excited because this is such an important topic. He’s actually ready for you now. Let me show you into his office…
YOU walk into the office. TOM looks up and smiles.
TOM: Hey! Great to see you! How ya been? Come on in and have a seat!
YOU and TOM shake hands and exchange pleasantries before sitting down in two adjacent chairs.
TOM: Well, I’m so glad we could get together. You’re here at a perfect time, because I want to check in to see how Q1 went for you, and then I want to help you really capitalize on Q2.
I know you have huge potential in you, but you probably need a little more discipline and accountability. I’m here to provide that for you today.

The above scenario is easy enough to imagine, right?
Then here’s the next step:
Download these crucial questions to continue your “virtual coaching session” with me now.
Because awareness is the first step toward change, I have a series of questions regarding your KPIs that will help you make sense of what happened in the first quarter of 2018… and why.
Once you answer those questions, then it’s time to package up Q1, put it behind you and turn your focus to Q2.
I have 5 crucial questions to help you dominate the second quarter.
Once you answer those questions in detail, then it’s time to make some commitments [11:50 on the video above]:

  • What’s one thing I can count on you to do every day?
  • What additional accountability do you need?
  • Who do you need to reach out to?

Create that accountability and have the structure in place to maximize Q2.
Do the thing, have the power!
If you didn’t download the questions yet, click here.
I want to know what you thought of this episode. How’d you do in Q1? What’s one thing you’re changing to dominate Q2?