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I see incredible potential in so many people.

So smart, so capable, so driven…

But they often have a big obstacle holding them back.


(Did that hurt a bit? If so, definitely keep reading.)

I believe you have an extremely wealthy, uber-successful person inside of you…

…And it’s fighting to get out!

But YOU keep stopping it.

And it’s usually because of one of these destructive traits…


3 Traits Suppressing Your Greatness

Having worked with real estate professionals for so long, I’ve identified three traits that consistently kill people’s potential.

Some are stuck in a fixed mindset.

Others are paralyzed by their perfectionist tendencies.

And then there are the dabblers

So much wasted opportunity, all due to self-sabotage of one form or another.

Those with a fixed mindset are resistant to change. They’re stuck in their ways and full of excuses. Without a growth mindset, you’re never going to grow.

The perfectionists are control freaks who refuse to take action until everything is perfect — which never happens, btw. If this sounds scarily familiar, just take action. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Refine as you go, but always GO first!

The dabblers suffer from The Shiny Penny Syndrome. They adopt a new strategy seemingly every week, bouncing from one approach to the next always looking for that “magic bullet.” In the process, they never give any one of those strategies enough time to actually gain traction.


Break the Pattern in 3 Simple Steps

If any of these sound like you, look like you, feel like you… (smell like you?)

You’re in luck.

I can help you break through!

Here are three steps to put you back on track:

  1. Commit to One Thing!

Remove all the distractions, choose one discipline and commit to it.

It might be making 10 calls a day. It might be getting up early, going to the gym everyday or eating better.

What you’re looking for is one action that can become the first domino that makes everything else automatic.


Start there, stick to your commitment, and watch what happens.

  1. Put Your Commitment Out There

Changing your behavior is much easier when you have help rather than going it alone. That’s where step two comes in:

Make promises and verbal commitments to people who will hold you to the one thing you committed to above. It might be your parents, your kids, your friends, your manager, your coach…

Give them permission to hold you accountable and “carefront” you if you stray off course.

To make this even more effective, incentivize them to stay on you.

  1. Create Painful Consequences

There’s an old adage that we will do more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure…

So a great way to make sure you follow through on your commitment is to create massive painful consequences if you don’t:

  • Eat the cat food.
  • Send a “shame” email — or better yet, video — to everyone informing them that you failed to deliver on your commitment.
  • Create a financial penalty to people you’d never want to support: Political parties, ex-spouse, former manager, etc.

Choose one and let it drive you to take your desired action.


Here’s the Bottom Line

Everything worthwhile takes longer than you want.

That incredibly wealthy, uber-successful person within you wants out.

To let it out, you have to start somewhere.

What traits or tendencies do you need to ditch?

What actions do you need to start taking?

How can you expedite the process? (If you’re struggling to answer that question, click the link below and request your coaching consultation.)

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