If you’re at all familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, you know he has a style and delivery all his own. So I strongly urge you to watch the entire episode above to get the full experience. Here in the blog, I’m breaking down “Golden Nuggets from Gary,” my top seven takeaways from our enlightening conversation.

$2 million is awesome… $7 million is better

Gary believes a lot of really successful people are leaving extraordinary opportunities on the table.
If you have the skill and systems to achieve $2 million a year in GCI, you’re not that far from $7 million.
He describes it like this: If you’re in terrible shape and decide to become a marathon runner, that’s a huge jump to make. But if you’re already working out seven days a week, reaching that next level is so much easier.
So the question for successful agents — regardless of your GCI — then becomes:
Are you leaving a giant opportunity on the table?
Or are you simply content with your level of success?
There’s more out there if you want it. Go get it!

Are You the Toll Booth or the Car?

Gary shared an anecdote of recently working with an “old-school” media buyer who possessed real, genuine fears that Facebook and Twitter have the ability to tear apart our democracy, yet that same person refused to run social media advertising instead of traditional TV and print ads. How can it be both: It’s big enough to tear down U.S. democracy, but not big enough to sell lipstick?
For Gary, in that meeting was a very important lesson to be learned:
You can’t be more passionate about what got you here than what’s going to get you to the next level.
Facebook and Twitter are the toll booths of our attention. You’re either a toll collector or a car.
Which are you?

Gary’s No. 1 Action Step from His New Book, “Crushing It”

Facebook! Build your fan page. Run tons of ads. Make enormous amounts of content.
Gary believes Facebook is still vastly underutilized. Use it!
Create massive amounts of content and become the “local newspaper” for your marketplace.

The One Blog Every Real Estate Veteran Should Write and Post on LinkedIn

“31 Years in Real Estate and 31 Things I’ve Learned.”
Change the title to match your own numbers, write the blog… And you’ve got a fantastic piece of core content!