Don’t Worry, I’m Getting to the Point

This might seem like an odd introduction to an article about creating your Best Year Ever.
But it leads directly into the first of three critical questions (plus one BONUS question) I have for you today…
It’s so important to know there’s a purpose behind your every action.
When I’d completed my purpose by October, suddenly I felt uninspired and lacking energy.
Once you know your purpose, you can answer questions two and three (plus a bonus question) that will put you on track for your Best Year Ever in 2018!

Question #1: What Do You REALLY Want to Achieve This Year?

For many people, this question often leads to three categories: money, health and relationships. But whatever your answer, I want you to go deep and get specific.
What are you obsessing about?
What do your goals mean to you?
Tell the story.
Does the story give you goosebumps? Does it spur you into action?
(If not, go bigger and get more specific.)
What’s the essence of it?
Once you can answer those questions, you’ll spark an instant fire in your belly to go create your #BYE.

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Question #2: What New Skills/Disciplines/Routines/Processes Would be Required to Achieve Your Goals?

We all know what got you here won’t get you there.
So to achieve the goals you set in Question #1, what needs to change?
A new mindset?
A new skill set?
Think it through and put whatever is needed to adopt that mindset or develop that skill on your schedule. If it’s not on your schedule, it won’t happen!