I want 2018 to be your breakthrough year.
That won’t happen by simply showing up on January 2, hoping it turns into a great year.
It requires preparation.
In that spirit, I’m sharing four actions to take in December that will put you on track for success in 2018.
Let’s go!

Action Step #1: Identify Your 3 Most Important Goals

I want you to ask yourself what would make 2018 your best year ever? List as many goals as you want, but make it at least three.
Make sure they are specific and measurable… you need to define “how much” and “by when.”
Why am I asking you this?
Because the most successful people on the planet know exactly what they want AND why they want it.
Once you determine your goals, share them!
With your coach.
With the people you love.
With the people on your team.
With your broker and/or manager.
Build in that accountability and make sure your goals are up and visual.

Action Step #2: Modernize Your Mindset

Are you operating from a “now” mindset…
Or by an old-school thought process?
Let me explain:
Back in the day, we were all told you have to DO the work…
…before you can HAVE the rewards.
And then once you HAVE the reward…
…you can BE happy.
DO > HAVE > BE. Sounds logical enough, right?
But who says you have to wait? What if you flip it?
When you modernize your mindset, you’ll achieve your goals much faster:
In this new model, you make a decision to act as if you already are “BE”-ing who you want to be. When you operate from this perspective, you naturally DO things differently.
When you DO things differently, you can HAVE the rewards. You can HAVE the business you desire. You can HAVE the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.
As we head into 2018, I encourage you to leave DO > HAVE > BE in your rear-view mirror and operate from a BE > DO > HAVE mindset. (I currently have “BE > DO > HAVE” written in huge letters on the wall of my office!)