I know you. I know how you operate.
You take pride in your work.
You’re not about just doing the minimum.
You love impressing your customers any chance you get.
So I’m gonna challenge you.
I’m sharing with you five ways to “wow” your database between now and the end of the year.
Warning: These aren’t easy. They’re gonna require you to stretch a bit and put in some work.
But I guarantee if you do them, you’ll impress your clients and generate tons of referrals.
Ready? Let’s go!

1. CMAs for All

Think about the number one question you get as a real estate professional…
“How’s the market?”
And what’s the next question? “What do you think my home is worth these days?”
People are naturally curious about the value of their home.
It’s understandable. It’s often their biggest investment, and for many homeowners, the value of their home dictates their financial confidence. This is important stuff.
So how can you turn their curiosity into a “wow” experience?
Certainly not by offering a CMA, just like every other agent out there.
But what if you DELIVERED a CMA, unsolicited?
And what if you made it so pretty they were proud to display it on their coffee table?
That’s a gamechanger move!
But like I warned you, that’s a serious undertaking. Here’s how you do it right:

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Mail 5 CMAs a week.
  • Don’t overwhelm the homeowner. Keep the CMA simple with a few key numbers to think about.
  • Educate the homeowner on the value of their home and pertinent market information.


2. CMA Follow-Up Plan

Mailing five CMAs every week will definitely impress homeowners in your database.
But impressing them isn’t quite enough.
You need to engage as well. Here’s how:
One week after you mail the CMA, reach out with a quick, personalized BombBomb video (or phone video) with this script:
“Hey [NAME], I just wanted to reach out and say I’ve been thinking about you. The number one question I get is ‘How’s the market?’ and the number two question I get is ‘What’s the value of my home?,’ so I thought I’d put that information together for you. I hope you took the time to review it and you now have a little better understanding of what’s happening in the marketplace. If you have any questions, you know I’m always here for you.”
One big advantage of using BombBomb to deliver this video is you know when they’ve watched it, and then you can follow up with a phone call or a text.