The Costly Case of Holding on Too Tight

Unbeknownst to him, another of Cliff’s defining traits was actually holding him back as much as it was helping him build his business. You see, Cliff holds very high standards for everything he does, which is great, right?
In Cliff’s case, the answer was yes AND no. After I started coaching him, we realized sometimes those lofty standards prevented him from delegating tasks to others. In turn, that failure to delegate prevented Cliff from focusing on more important, dollar-productive work. (Sound familiar to anyone?)
“Letting go was when the growth happened,” Cliff says now.
Cliff’s growth is impressive, too. The year I met him, he’d sold 58 homes. The next year, he closed 126.
(Does “Double PLUS 10” sound good for you next year?)
“When I started coaching, I realized how much I needed it,” Cliff told me. “If I didn’t have somebody pushing me, that growth never would have happened.”