Wow, I’m impressed! We recently used our social media channels to request your questions, and you people delivered in a big way!
I received way too many questions to answer in one sitting, but I tackled nine of them here on this episode of the Tom Ferry Show.
Be sure to watch the whole episode for tips on building a team, keys to happiness and fulfillment in your career, and much more!
I wanted to highlight three of my favorite questions here on the blog. Let’s go!

Asking the Magic Question

What is the most important question to ask a buyer the first time you speak to them on the phone?
You know I love scripts, but sometimes it’s not about a script to convert a prospect into a client. In this scenario, it’s more about what you ask yourself than what you ask them. Just stop and think about what that person needs rather than searching for some sort of “magic” question.
Chances are they called you because they want to see a house. Get them on the phone and set up a viewing as soon as fits their schedule. Whatever they want, help them achieve it as quickly and professionally as possible.
Always remember this — Give people what they want, and you’re going to win.

Face Your REAL Fears

How do I overcome the fear of success?
When someone says they have a fear of success, it’s often masking a fear of something else. Success itself doesn’t scare most people.
It’s the long hours, the sweat, the rejection, the vulnerability — it’s all the WORK required to achieve success that typically scares people.
Being successful in real estate begins with being real with yourself. If you’re not willing to endure pain that leads to growth or you don’t want to put in the hard work every day, this might not be the business for you.
It’s okay to admit that doing the things that will make you successful both personally and professionally tend to make you feel uncomfortable. You’d be a rare breed if you can achieve huge success without ever stepping out of your comfort zone.
But let’s consider the alternative: Failure is also very uncomfortable. Not being able to pay your mortgage is uncomfortable. Falling behind on your bills is uncomfortable.
So it boils down to this: Which uncomfortable scenario is going to do you the most good?
As long as you’re getting out of your comfort zone, why not choose the route that makes you money and helps you grow into a more fulfilled individual?