Too many people are living in a fixed mindset world.
Thinking they can only do “this” or “that”…but not both.
This limited fixed thinking doesn’t allow you to excel in more than one area.
It says,“I can’t be wildly successful in my business and be a spiritual person.”
The problem with that type of mindset is it can kill your dreams and hinder your ambition.
What I’m asking you to do today is a Mid Life Review.
If you’re not doing this yet, your fire of ambition is not where it needs to be.
I want you to live a life you absolutely love and in order to do that we must get out of the “this” or “that” mindset!

Wheel of Your Life

Look at your life.
If you drew it out in the form of a wheel.
Using it as your own personal measurement.
On a scale of 0-100% satisfaction, how would you rate your health and vitality today?
How would you describe your wealth today?
How many months or years can you go without working and know that your finances are ok?
Have you set up your life financially to be ok?
These are the questions you need to be asking yourself and the areas you need to be measuring.
When you measure the many areas of your life, you can see how imbalanced it can get when you become too focused on one thing.
If I were sitting one on one with you, and you asked me, “How do I go to the next level?”
I’d say to you, “Stop being so limited in your thinking, stop thinking it’s just about your career.”
Do you want extraordinary relationships?
Extraordinary levels of spirituality?
Do you want an amazing social life and an amazing business?
If the answer is yes then these are the steps you need to take.