How are your sales skills?
Can you sell like a Jedi?
Do you know the tips and techniques to be a master in persuasion and influence?
Today I’m going to show you some advance sales techniques!


With great power comes great responsibility.
Let’s be clear before we get started…
You can’t convince someone to buy or sell if they don’t want to buy or sell!
I’m going to teach you some unique methods you can use with prospects…
That means if they are considering you or another agent you can plant some thoughts in their minds so that you stand out.
It is all framed around this question…
If I could plant a seed of action into my prospect’s mind, what would I plant?

4 Levels of Learning

Think about your level of influence skills…
This is your confidence and swagger where you make that ask with confidence.
Whether it is sales or any other subject, it all starts with the four levels of learning.

Unconscious Incompetent

You don’t know what you don’t know.
These are things like new words or maybe something you heard on the #TomFerryShow that you didn’t even know about!

Conscious Incompetent

You know you don’t know.
This could be something like a word you didn’t know and you ask for someone to explain it.

Conscious Competent

This is when you start to build that confidence and sales swagger.
Kind of like near the end of Sales Edge where you have those scripts and delivery dialed in.

Unconscious Competent

If Conscious Competent was Padawan level, Unconscious Competent is Jedi level!
This is that state of mastery and expertise where it is simply natural.