Do you have a listing that just isn’t selling?
Or even worse, sellers are dominating the conversation because of what is happening in the national media?
I’ve got solutions for both of those scenarios so that you can sell your properties faster and get your customers what they want.
So why isn’t the listing selling?
If it isn’t compelling, it isn’t selling!

Re-List Strategies to Sell in Spring and Summer

1. Face-to-Face Meetings

Start by making sure you are meeting with all the decision makers involved in a face-to-face meeting.

2. Understand Their Point of View

If you don’t start by understanding your customers’ point of view, you’ll instantly be out of rapport with their perspective.
Think of the things they are reading like the WSJ, Fortune Magazine, CNN Financial, and similar publications.
All those media sources are saying that there is no inventory!
Most people only see the news story of millions of people wanting to buy homes and there are no homes for sale!

3. Break Down The Information

Let them know the national, state, and city stats versus what is happening locally in the community.
Get them out of the global mindset and have them focus on what is happening in their backyard.
That starts by meeting them at their perspective and world view.