The market is booming and the opportunities to make even more money have never been greater!
Here’s the problem…
I see agents from around the world missing out, and chasing after squirrels!
You have to focus on the opportunities in front of you, and they are ABUNDANT!
Listen, you and I both know that one day this market will end.
Will you have the cash sitting aside to buy when the market tanks?
That is where all the money is made!

Acres of Diamonds

Russell Conwell wrote a story in the late 1800’s called Acres of Diamonds.
Have you heard of this book?
Earl Nightingale first told me about this story years ago.
It is a fast read which you should definitely check out, but the basic moral of this story is that most people quit and give up too early.
This story is totally applicable to the current market, because there is diamonds to be had right now, and so many agents are missing it.
They need to be here, right now, to do the work to get the win!

The Answer People Want

Everyone is looking around for the fast, easy way to not do any work, yet still make money.
Can we be clear with each other?
If there were a way to do that, you can bet I would be selling that method!

How to Make Money

1. Figure out a way to bring value to the market.
2. Work your ass off to serve your customers day in and day out.
3. Focus on the moment.