The work of a CEO isn’t easy…
Accomplishing something great and creating a team isn’t an easy task.
That’s why this week I sit down with the rockstar CEO of Relola, Heather Sittig Jackson to learn all about how to be great and build a great team!
Heather got her start in real estate when she was 16!
Then she started her own brokerage when she was in her late 20’s without having ever sold a house!

Being Fearless

Heather came from a military family, and moved around a lot when she was younger.
This built resilience in her and helped her create a fearless attitude!
When you are in a new place, sometimes you have to talk to new people and be brave in social settings!
She wasn’t naturally gifted in that, but through repetition she learned to overcome the fear.
Heather also realized early on that we are all obsessed with our own stuff and everyone shares those exact same fears.

The Importance of Teams

Teams do great things, and Heather has built an amazing team at Relola.
You and I both know that the work a team can do will far outpace that of an individual.
I know some people watching this are seeing themselves as a solo entrepreneur, but you can’t really do anything in real estate without a team.
Your team doesn’t have to be a team of agents, it could be your brokers, managers, escrow officers, etc.

How-To Build Your Great Team

Heather shared with me some of the key things she used to build the team at Relola…
She said it is so important to find the right person for your team.
Start by first creating the values that are important for your company.
Then decide which roles are needed that will uphold those values.
From there it is about finding the right people.
Hiring the right cultural fit is really important (if your culture is super-fast, hiring a sloth won’t work).
Also note that the timing has to be right…
You may find the right person, but the timing may be off.