We all know the world-famous quote “When you do the things, you have the power. And when you do not the thing, you have not the power.” You know, it’s really that simple. I mean real estate is not that complicated. Got to talk to a lot of people, got to have a lot of conversations, you know, got to do the right things day in and day out, and when you do, your behaviors, when your behaviors match your goals, you always win, regardless of snow, for all my friends in the, you know, D.C. area, or in Boston, my goodness what’s going on there.
So let’s just say you’re in Boston and there’s been 3 feet of snow. And, and I know some of our clients are absolutely having the best first quarter of their life, while others are buying into “it’s not fair, it’s the snow.” Let me give you a little hint. The real estate gods don’t care. The only thing that matters is, are you doing the right thing every single day regardless? All my friends in Canada, they’re giggling, they’re saying, “Oh, they’re complaining about snow? Hello, we have 7 feet of snow and it won’t go away until July.” Here’s a little hint: when there’s lots of snow outside, everyone’s home. It’s a really good time to call and say, “Ever thought about moving to Florida? Think about it.”
The bottom line is this. If you’re sitting here right now at the end of the first quarter and you’re asking yourself, am I on track, am I off track, those are the right questions. The bigger issue is, are your behaviors in alignment?

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