Has there ever been a time when you had deep levels of rapport with a client?
Think of a time when you knew EXACTLY what was going on in your client’s head and WHY they’re making decisions.
On the flip side … have you ever had a client that said they wanted to buy a home, but they continued to make silly offers that weren’t getting accepted … and you DIDN’T know WHY?
It’s because you didn’t have a process in place to understand what’s truly important to them.
That’s why today we’re talking about how to go deeper with your clients…

Reasons Are Values

We’ve all heard that people SELL for reasons and people BUY for reasons … but you have to remember that reasons are actually VALUES.
What do they value about home ownership?
What is important to them about buying, selling, a certain community, etc?

Three Value Elicitation Questions

QUESTION 1: What is important to you about buying a home?
QUESTION 2: How is buying a home important to you?
QUESTION 3: Ultimately, what will all of this do for you?
You have to move BEYOND the superficial level of why they are buying a house.
When they’re responding, your role is to:

  • Shut up
  • Listen
  • Take notes

Specifically, you want to take note of their words, and use similar words to build rapport.