3 Reasons Why Top Agents Are Winning


Top agents know exactly what they want.
If I were to call you and ask you “how many listings are you going to take this year?” would you have an answer ready to go?


The top producers I talk to all say the same thing…
They are spending far more time on their psychology because they know how important it is to get out of their comfort zones and get the win.
I’ll talk more about this below.


This is your business, systems, and hubs….
Is your business setup in a way to expand and grow while still providing high levels of service and support?

3 Questions To Ask Yourself

I’ve got 3 questions for you to think about.
Get out a whiteboard or a piece of paper and write down your answers.

1. What exactly am I committed to in 2017?

You can’t chase two rabbits…
You have to focus in on what you want and go all in on that!
Like I said above, you have to be crystal clear on your answer to this question.

2. What mindset rituals must be in place?

What are the things you are going to do every single day, even when you don’t want to?
These are the actions that will give you the strength to persevere when times get tough.

3. What are the systemic changes required for sustain the new levels of growth?

If you have a big surge of growth, but don’t have the system in place, it won’t work…
It will mean you are working way more hours to try and catch up.
There are 26 million business in the U.S. and only 4% of those businesses are making more than a million dollars or more per year.