What is the T.O.M. plan?
It simply stands for Top Of Mind, and here are four things you can do to stay top of mind with your leads…

Top of Mind Plan for More Referrals

1. Call or Text

You want to speak with your clients every 90 days.
Don’t just call to talk about real estate.
Bring relevant news, check in, and have it be to the point that your database expects your call!

2. Weekly Email

Send weekly emails for open house invitations, events, and other updates.

3. Two Direct Mail Pieces

Send out two direct mail pieces every month.
One of them should be  just listed/just sold.
If you’re new to real estate you can use your company’s stats (just be sure it says that on the mailer).
Your other mailer can be: “Curious about the value of your home?
This makes you the expert they think of and you provide them with the information they are looking for.