Stay Top of Mind With Your Leads – #TomFerryShow

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Are you the first agent your leads think of when they want to buy or sell a home?

I talk to agents ALL the time who are driving down the street and see a house that they know sold by another agent.

You CAN stand out among the competition when you follow the T.O.M. plan!

What is the T.O.M. plan?

It simply stands for Top Of Mind, and here are four things you can do to stay top of mind with your leads…

Top of Mind Plan for More Referrals

1. Call or Text

You want to speak with your clients every 90 days.

Don’t just call to talk about real estate.

Bring relevant news, check in, and have it be to the point that your database expects your call!

2. Weekly Email

Send weekly emails for open house invitations, events, and other updates.

3. Two Direct Mail Pieces

Send out two direct mail pieces every month.

One of them should be  just listed/just sold.

If you’re new to real estate you can use your company’s stats (just be sure it says that on the mailer).

Your other mailer can be: “Curious about the value of your home?

This makes you the expert they think of and you provide them with the information they are looking for.

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4. Activate Your Base, the Secret Weapon

Do a Facebook Live video and your instantly connecting with your base.

I even had a client who did a live mention which lead to a listing!

He got a response from an old friend who said his mom was looking to sell her house.

Show your base that you are the local market expert like we talked about on episode 101.

Know Your Unique Selling Factors

There are four things you should know to boost your confidence and swagger.

You may not use all of these stats, but you should have them ready when you talk to customers.

1. We sell (x) times more…

2. We sell our homes (X) times faster…

3. We sell our homes for (X%) more on average…

4. We have (X) five star reviews than any other agent in the marketplace.

When use these unique selling points you can use script like this….

“Clients work with us because we have the experience, we sell homes faster, and get our customers more money. We pride ourselves on customer experience and relationships, and we have 7x times more five star reviews than any agent in our marketplace. Our number one aim is to make sure you are our next five-star review and we want to deliver that experience to you. These are my competitive advantages (mention points above) that you can hold me accountable to.”

Remember if you are a new agent, you can use the stats from your office/team.

You can leverage their numbers to support more customers.

Are you following the T.O.M. plan?

Or are you comfortable having $15 billion being spent from really large companies who want to take your clients and have them go somewhere else?

Remember your strategy matters, and now more than ever, your ability to stay top of mind absolutely rules!



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