How to Communicate with Millennial Buyers – #TomFerryShow

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Are you winning with 50% of today’s buyers?

Statistics show that about 50% of today’s buyers are under 36 (aka Millennials!).

Do you think there is a divide between someone in their 50’s versus someone in their 30’s?

It is all about aligning with your customers’ behavior and here’s what you NEED to know to WIN…

Important Factors

The #1 Consideration for Choosing an Agent is Local Market Knowledge

Your customers want to know that you are the local expert on the area.

Also, know that Millennials are interviewing agents

Preferred Medium is Video

Although you might not like video, this is what half the market is looking for!

Preferred Communication Methods

33% Phone

27% Face to face

21% Email

15% Text

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2 Actions To Take To Win!

1. Local Market Video

I’m issuing a challenge!

In the next 52 weeks can you shoot 52 videos about your local market?

Here are some topic ideas: schools, communities, the town, market updates, clients, restaurants, etc.

By sharing this on your Facebook page, newsletter, and other channels you are showing that you are the local market expert.

2. Get Them on the Phone or Face to Face!

When was the last time you made a big financial decision with someone that talked down to you?

The point is to connect and engage with your customers!

It isn’t about age, it is really about knowing your customer and aligning with them!

Your customer wants to get their point of view across, be heard, and make sure that you understand.

Over $15 billion is spent in real estate to attract consumers, and it is important that you stand out.

Things to Think About

Are you in alignment with your customers?

Are you sending and receiving information in way that they prefer?

The consumer has changed, and it is time to ask yourself what adjustments you need to make!

Let me know in the comments below!



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