The Challenge

Mariangel came to me saying she was just barely surviving as an agent.
She was just sort of getting by, and not earning the true success she deserved.
This was in late August of 2016 and I told her that if she could book 100 appointments before the year was over I would give her $10,000.
I told her that she needed to be in contact with me and her coach every day, and to commit to doing 2 hours of power, 5 days per week.
She had less than 4 months to achieve this and boy was I surprised…

Doing the Work

As you might expect, making all those calls wasn’t easy.
There were plenty of days when she simply didn’t feel like making calls.
She also had many of the struggles and business that we ALL have with life.
During this three month period she had two out of town weddings, she was sick, underwent a minor renovation on her home, and had internet issues.
The market in area also went through a series shift as the oil industry had a major impact on the Houston area.
But despite the daily challenges and the bigger hurdles she faced along the way, she held to her commitment.

What Separates the Top Performers From the Rest?

We all have days were we don’t want to pick that phone.
The difference is that many people stop right there and don’t take any action.
Mariangel kept going even when it was inconvenient, uncomfortable, and when she simply didn’t want to make calls.
When she did have those tough days she would talk to her coach Mitzi who would remind her of the little steps to success she achieved along the way.
Mariangel dug deep and found the perseverance and drive to keep going no matter what.