How To Increase Lead Conversion – #TomFerryShow

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What is the one thing that matters most when it comes to your future and continued growth?

Converting leads!

I’ve had a ton of agents contact me, and that’s why today, I’m sharing with you the ULTIMATE lead conversion strategy…

Every Lead Deserves Love

We recently received some stats through Geographic Farm who looked several hundred thousand seller leads and sent them to CoreLogic.

They found that for every 100 leads generated there were 3 closes.

Sure, there are some leads you get excited about, but what if you treated every lead like it was your best possible client?

Those rockstars who convert at a higher level the take every possible chance to nurture and love on the clients so they can become part of those that convert.

Here are some steps you can take to convert more leads:

Day 1

1. Send email with video.

We live an epidemic of facelessness.

It is easy enough to send an email or text, but when you add video you stand out from everyone else.

You should do this for every lead and you can use a script like this:

“We sell homes 2X’s faster, for an average of 1.9% more $ and average of 4.96 of 5 star reviews… and we’d love the opportunity to help you with your real estate goals. You can call, text or email me…”

“We help our clients buy the right home, at the right price, for the right terms, in the right time frame, and we would be honored to help you do the same.”

2. Call within 5 min, text if no response.

3. If they are a high target prospect do some research on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Day 2

Call, text, and email between 8 -10am and again between 4- 6 pm.

Be sure this is on your calendar and you are doing calling and following up on your database every day.

Use the script:

“Hi [name], Yesterday you (action) and I’m following up to make sure you received the information you needed. I’m here to help, answer questions, schedule a showing… Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

Make it easier to connect with your leads by using a service like Calendly or something similar.

If they are a seller lead add them to your seller and nurture list.

Day 3 – 28

Call, text, email every 5 days until they respond.

Put this in your subject line on an email or as a text:

“Are you still interesting in buying/selling in 2017?”

Day 29 (or until they do something)

Add to email list.

Add to call list every 90 days.

Add to Facebook custom audience for marketing.

Take Action

Watch this episode 7 times…

Ask yourself “What systemic change do I need to make so that I am converting more leads into happy, wonderful clients?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to take more potential clients into raving fans!




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