What seems like a lifetime ago, BlackBerry RIM asked me to start a podcast…
I was creating it consistently and excited about it…
And then one day in what must’ve been 2007, I happened to meet a guy from a little company called Google on the golf course. Google had just bought YouTube, and I was excited for the opportunity to pick his brain.
For a while, anyway… One of the first things I told him about was the podcast I’d been doing.
“That’s #*@&ing stupid,” he said. He then went on to tell me how video would soon become the “next big thing” in marketing.
At the time, with limited resources – truth be told, I was doing everything myself – I had a difficult decision to make. Do I continue with my audio-only podcast, or do I go all in on video?
I think you know which direction I took. When I committed to video, I let podcasting become somewhat of an afterthought.
No more.
Hopefully you saw that last week we launched the all-new Tom Ferry Podcast Experience!

Committed to Bringing You a New, Fresh Angle

So here’s the first thing you should know…
The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is intended to be more than an extension of the #TomFerryShow.
Much more.
For starters, it won’t be limited to real estate (but it won’t shy away from it, either). My goal is to touch on a wide variety of topics that impact not just your business, but your entire life
…Introducing you to great thinkers.
…Getting you to see things differently.
…Challenging your mind with new ideas.
I’ve got a big list of fascinating people who I can’t wait to share with you in the coming weeks and months.

Publishing Four Times Every Week!

Part of reinventing our podcast game meant answering the many requests for more audio content for all you people who spend so much time commuting and/or in your cars.
So we wanted to give you more than one new show a week. Here’s what you can expect on a weekly basis:

Every Monday, you’ll get a quick (under 5-minute) dose of all-important Mindset and Motivation.

On Tuesdays, you’ll receive audio from the weekly #TomFerryShow.
Each Wednesday brings you the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, in-depth original episodes spanning everything from illuminating guests to inspiring keynote speeches to hands-on business training.

We’ll wrap up the week every Thursday with some fun and enlightening #tbt lessons and guidance that are as relevant today as when first presented.