Here are three powerful time management tips that will help you get the most out of every day…

3 Top Time Management Tips

1. Focus on H.B.U.T.

One of things I’ve used to help me make the most of my time is H.B.U.T.
That is a fun little acronym that stands for the Highest and Best Use of Time.
You see, there are those big things that you should be spending your time on. This is the time you spend calling your database, working on your deals, etc.
Then those little tasks come along and steal away your focus.
Maybe you’re great on the phone and not so good at graphic design.
Do you think spending a few hours trying to make that perfect image for a Facebook ad is the highest and best use of your time?
Simply put, if you can outsource those little tasks to a third party company or someone else in your office you are freed up to work on the things that you are good at and that really matter most.

2. Start With Your Priorities

Within your H.B.U.T. will be a list of priorities that you’ll need to get done.
Write these priorities down somewhere that you’ll see them (a paper notebook, Evernote, whiteboard, etc.).
You’ve probably heard what legendary speaker and my mentor Brian Tracy had to say about this…
He would tell you to eat the frog first!
This means that one big priority you’re dreading is the one you need to get done first.