The 4-Step Framework for Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns

1. They have to KNOW you:
People do business with people they know. This makes it extremely important to create an intentional campaign for your target market, to help them understand who you are and what you do as a real estate professional.
Despite all of the money spent on agent branding, 49% of consumers cannot even name a real estate agent off the top of their heads; there are two primary reasons for this. First, realtors continuously change their “look,” and without visual consistency consumers cannot connect with the agent’s brand over time.
Second, in an effort to add immense value, realtors often create marketing pieces that are flooded with numerous messages and have diluted focus. Remember, people connect with people.
Your marketing will be at its most powerful when you stay with simple (your name) and consistent branding over time, and focus on just one message per marketing piece. Just following these two principles will immediately enable more human connection with consumers.

Pro Tip: The concept of “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” is a good one to get consumers to “know” you, as it creates an awareness of who you are and what you do. Our research has shown that dropping the word “Just” can be helpful, as today’s consumers believe that it creates a false sense of urgency in a world driven by authenticity. Instead, consider using “Listed” or “Sold” or other variations to deliver higher conversions.

2. They have to LIKE you:
People do business with people they like. The entire social media revolution has been built on the power of the “like” button. While you cannot move to the “like” phase until consumers have gotten to know you, once you have established that presence you have a huge opportunity to move to the next level.
There are two impactful ways to get someone to like you. One is to share common interests … be it a local sports team, community cause or a local charity. The other way is to contribute your time, effort or generosity to a person or community without expecting anything in return.

Pro Tip: Thoughtfully planned community events have always been a great source of business and personal connectivity, especially if you claim to be the local market expert. Whether it is organizing a trick or treat caravan, a fundraising drive for a local cause, a weekend coffee and bagels party once a quarter, or even just organizing a neighborhood garage sale, your contribution to the greater good will not go unrewarded.

Tom Ferry - Summit 2022