We all know one of those competitors who is able to make communication with his or her clients seem so smooth and effortless.

Maybe they’re a natural…

Or maybe they just know the secrets I want to share with you today.

There’s a lot more to effective communication than the words coming out of your mouth.


There’s a real art to the way powerful presenters speak and connect with others, and today I want to dive into three components of great communication.

Here’s a hint: It’s not so much about YOU as it is how you make the other person feel.

Let’s dive in!

Effective Communication Component No. 1: How You Listen

You might expect the first step to effective communication to be something about the way you say things.

But no.

We’re not there yet.

How you listen is every bit – or more!– important than what you say.

People need to know they’re being heard.

So here’s a few pointers:

Make appropriate eye contact. That means looking people in their eye but not staring at them like a zombie.

Stand square to the person whenever possible, not at an angle.

When listening, don’t be compelled to talk. You’ll get your chance. Be patient.

Pro tip: If you struggle with interrupting, take a drink after you say something so you make sure to give the other person a chance to speak.

Part of good listening is knowing what to say when we’re done listening, which brings us to…